Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tutti Rouge

My package arrived! A beautiful, pink box from the UK. Unfortunately, I was away at the snow, skiing (lucky me!!!!!!!), so I only got my hands on it on Friday. I TORE the box open and pulled out:


The Frankie French knickers and bra in green, and:


The Lottie shorts and bra in Vanilla.

What is good about Tutti? Well, heaps really! The super large size range of the bras (28DD-38HH), and the firmness of the bands. In both bras, the bands lay parallel to the floor on my back, nice and low, and I have a 27" rib-cage. Also, the stuff is GORGEOUS. The fabrics are synthetic, but not cheap looking, and the
colours are so bright. The spots on the Lottie set are candy coloured, while the photo of the Frankie set does the colour no justice, it is a vibrant, aqua blue. The package arrived promptly (a week after it was sent. Considering I live at the end of the earth, that is fast indeed).

Unfortunately, despite all these pros, and the huge expectations that I had from the brand, I have to say that TR just didn't work for me.

Lottie Bra and Shorts:
I ordered this bra in a 28FF, given how snug 28Fs have been on me. The band was tight and firm, which was good. The heart shaped rings (what ARE they called) on the band where gorgeous. Beautiful. We have established. But MY GOD were the cups massive. The wires went into my armpits, and I would say they are quite wide, about 2 cms from my inframamary fold on the ides, and 1 cm on the bottom, so that the wire was resting on my ribs I got no cleavage, like the model, and it was uncomfortable. Its a shame, because DAMN I wanted that bra, but I shall be returning it.

The panties are gorgeous, all sheer at the back. Unfortunately the size S (which is the smallest, and the ones I bought) where too big. Please, just because I have big boobs DOES NOT MEAN my butt is equally well endowed. SO I would say that though I got a size bigger than my usual XS, the bottoms run large. I would take you guys a photo but mwaahahhaahahahaha I am wearing them ATM.

Frankie Bra and French Shorts:
Like the Lottie bra, I ordered this bra in 28FF. Though not a perfect fit, I have kept this bra. Like the Lottie, the wires were SO WIDE, especially for my breasts which have a narrowish root and are quite projected. SO there was winkling of the cup under the side  of my boobs (GOD I hate that word). Despite the wide wires, the cup lay flush to my skin, so I would not go down a size.The shape was a little flattened and pointy but it still looks fine, and I kind of like the shape, I man, there is something a little odd about the social cult of orb-like round breasts like we all just pop a crystal ball into our bras, and have plastic, nipple-less,shapeless boobs. The straps where also quite wide set, as you can see.

 Demonstrating a small band

 The shape

 And from the front

 In a singlet, also demonstrating the strap width,though admittedly I have small shoulders

 Wire widths and wrinkling. How good is the colour against my skin! I can't wait to see it with a summer tan.

Like the Lottie shorts, the Frankie french shorts are too big. Nevertheless, the are gorgeous. I love flirty little shorts (like the Miss Pip shorts I am wearing right now, and they are waiting in my drawer to be worn.

Xoxoxoxooxoxooxxo, Princess

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