Sunday, 8 September 2013

Wishlist of Whimsy

It is Sunday night, the house is dark and quiet; most people are in bed. Sleepy and bedtimely music is playing on YouTube, and I have to be up at 6 am tomorrow. I am compiling a vauge wishlist of what I fancy at the moment. Its mostly Mimi Holliday (, because, really, what other brand would you want to wear whilst listening to Birdy (

Without further ado:


The Bisou Bisou padded super plunge bra (, in pink satin. It is ridiculously girly and pampered, like a french poodle. Speaking of French, The matching French Shorts are delectable

The Bisou L'Amor Super plunge bra in silk satin. It is delicate, whispy and so, so luxurious looking while still being affordable. And, um cleavage. (

The Bisou Bisou pearl lace silk satin maxi bra. This basically looks like a fuller coverage, unpadded longline ( And the description cites thicker straps as a bonus.

The Bees Knees lace super plunge bra. I think the black and white is quite classic, and the higher white lace looks more supportive than other super plunge styles. I am not a fan of bunny imagery, however, I find it degrading. It can be found here :

Nenah Bra
I HAD to include this Nenah bra by Lascivious. It is just so cool, with its cut outs. It is simultaneously bold, daring and very, very retro. I wouldn't even be able to fir into the 30DD, which is the nearest size to my own offered, but one can dream, right? (

And...Back to Mimi Holliday. This Whizz Bang silk satin comfort bra is certainly not quite as cleavagey as the rest of the Mimi H bras I have been coveting. It nevertheless looks beautiful, young, a little wacky and very dreamy (not to mention comfortable) ( Windie reviews some Mimi H comfort bras on her blog, undiegamer;

SM Burek

The SM Burek, by Ewa Michalak. I love the pale, neutral colour tone that lets the detail of the bra become the focus. (

Night night.

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