Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Bikini by Kookai
This is not my most flattering photo. I am pretending that I am all earthy and beachy and yoga-ey, like some hip, healthy specimen of a human. I am not. Despite numerous deviations from the 'norm' of how a female should look (lack of stomach muscles, exaggerated lordosis of the spine, hyper-extended knees and WHAT is with my posture?), there are also aspects of me that conform to some unspoken 'norm' of beauty, the tan, the skinniness, and me being so young.

So what does this illustrate? That I am alive, healthy, and grateful for the body I was given. I am not pointing out flaws or good points as if they somehow define me, because they don't. I remember the first time I realized that ones body could be a 'flaw'. I was 14 and opened a magazine and saw an article which helped you make your 'flaws' more appreciated, or some other backhanded title. Was having thick eyebrows (like me) a 'flaw'. Was pale skin a 'flaw' that needed bronzing (at the time it hit me as reverse racism) a flaw? Why where chubby legs bad, did that mean that your genetics had programmed a lesser you with shameful legs?

I think that people everywhere have been making a stink about abolishing the representation of one kind of very white anglo-saxon, skinny 'normal' for too long, and it's time not for the representation of 'curvy', 'real' women at the expense of those WASPY models, because they are also real, but for a representaion of the population as a whole. Especially in lingerie. You either have a very Americanised, skinny, small-breasted model, like so:

Courtesy Victorias Secret
Or if you do not buy from a mainstream brand, with core sizes, and buy full busted bras (like me and my 28f/28ffs), then you have models with hips and breasts that are often over an F or even G cup. Yes, full bust brands may be representing ONE sector of the market, but what about girls who wear full bust sizes that DON'T have 'big boobs' (like me), or hips (me again), or who more voluptuous than the full bust models?

Courtesy Curvy Kate
 No, its time to quietly represent everyone, skinny or not, dark, tanned, alabaster white, eyebrowed, stretch-marked, hesitant and brash. It's time to stop making a big fuss over how 'diverse' a company is being, and how praiseworthy this is. Women are more than the sum of their body, diverse or not. Please just get on with offering what we, as the clients want; a representation of everyone (after all, a companies clients are not cookie-cutter people. Ewa Michalak,, is especially good for this) within advertising campaigns, make a range of skin coloured bras for everyone (I have money. I will buy them! As a side point, it is Ewa Michalak's Toffi bra,, that fits my darker than 'average' skin colour). And then let us quietly get on with our lives, in a world that is just a little more inclusive and pleasant.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

City to Surf

Sunday was the annual City To Surf. Its been running (puns. Hah hah hah) since the 70s (precisely, for 43 years) and is the largest running event in the world. It is 14 km, from the CBD, for a few easy km, until 'heartbreak hill', a horrid, steep hill 2 km long From there its another 5 km downhill and flat to the famed Bondi beach. But alas, it doesn't finish there.With the finish line in sight, you have to continue for another km and then double back.

No, I didn't do it this year. I have done it twice before. To be fair, though the giant group mentality is fun,and the atmosphere is crazy, with crowds cheering you on, and bands, and so many volunteers. My dad's work also has a tent with catering and massages for afterwards. Huge bonus! I guess I didn't really have my heart set on it this year. I am just so stressed, what with studying and all these assignments due ALL THE FREAKING TIME. My reputation of a 100% student is suffocating, and though I am really trying to try less hard (is that a thing?), the increased work load certainly takes its tole, especially when combined with all my other pursuits. So in the spirit of less stress, I didn't run.

Why don't I watch, thought I in my folly. So I we up super early to watch, went for a track session before-hand (albeit a not-so-fast one, I don't really push myself when running alone), and got to the finish line at 7.20 hour and 20 minutes before the winners were even due. Damn. After watching the runners for 20 minutes, it took me an hour to leave the place and get home (its usually a 20 minute walk).

Sleep deprived and annoyed at the epic consumption of time are two factors that come to mind. Plan you exit strategies better, City to Surf people! But apart from that, I should not complain AT ALL. In fact, I am super glad that I went. I mean, how often do you have a word class race wit professional runners ending almost on your doorstep?

This years run was won by wheelchair competitor Kurt Fearley. The first male runner across the line was Ben Moreau in 41.47 minutes, with race favourite Liam Adams coming second. The first female was Linda Spencer in 48.28 minutes, and second Milly Clark. In the front runners pack (the pros) was a superman, which was pretty entertaining! Near the front pack,or finishing sub 60 were a couple of tens, or young 20s, which I thought was absolutely amazing!

Here are some race photos, and a link to the gallery


And Superman!


Saturday, 10 August 2013

DD Atelier Amazonia Dress Review

Even though I am not 'the girl with big boobs', and seem to appear within a standard deviation of normal clothing sizes, I frequently find that size 6-8 dresses and tops, which fit my legs and waist and torso either distort unflattering over m bust, flatten me, or are very had to do up. After finding out about DD Atelier ( on other blogs I went to check it out. A pretty, well made brand for those with bigger boobs but average waists. Tick!

I would say that I wholly approve of their manifesto: "Slim and curvy girls are beautiful. All they need are good fitting, fashionable clothes to accentuate their curves in all the right places." Indeed, hear hear! I am more of a fan f the classic, slightly vintage-y look, rather than this look, courtesy Tumblr. No, I don't hate it, or look bad in it, its just not my thing.

Anyway, the Amazonia dress from DD Atelier. Thank the Sweet Lord it was on sale, because DAMN it was still expensive. I ordered it, along with a plain grey shrug, which was nice and basic, to make sleeveless dresses a little more acceptable for my community. Here is the dress on the site's model:

From the side:

And the collar detailing:

The good? PLENTY of room in the bust area, in a size 70D. Maybe  little to roomy. But what would I know. I mean, a dress cut lower than my collar bones without any cleavage? When I got the dress out of the packet post-haste and put it on I was flabbergasted by how...big the bust seemed. From the front its a tiny bit roomy, but from the side its perfect, so I would say the dress runs a little big. The only weird thing about the dress were the armholes and sleeves. Why so tight?? Its a little hard to raise my arms or wave frantically at someone.

The waist is hitting under my boobs, on my rib cage, instead of my natural waist, like the model is demonstrating. I think this is pushing up some extra material into the bust area. Of course, this is no problem, it just looks different to the way the model is wearing the dress. The cause of this is probably my height and thus longer-than-average torso, as I am almost 5"9. Perhaps a longer torso would have helped. Had the waist been siting at my true waist, I cold have sized down to a 65F, but as  it was a 70D was the smallest size available, and works just fine!

I must admit that I am a horrible review, I nitpick way too much. Overall the dress is lovely, flattering and just a great item of clothing. My Grandma ad Great Grandparents complimented it, so that is a bonus, right? Below are pictures of the detailing and me in the dress. Oh the zip at the back is a little funny, it stops just under the collar, so you sort of have to wriggle out of the dress.

 The Sleeves
The Collar. Sorry about the blurriness

Xoxoxoxoxo, Princess

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tutti Rouge AW 13

My reaction when I found out that the Tutti Rouge Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was available online in its entirety: "Eeeep!"
Yes, I actually gasped and said 'Eep!' in a way that I though only fictional characters where capable of. I know that as far as a proactive bra blogger goes, any post on Tutti Rouge is a little late, given that they began their publicity campaigns months ago and the Lilliana and Betty have been available on Bravissimo ( for ages.
I vaguely toyed with getting the Betty set when I got my Cleo bras from Bravissimo (not the Lilliana, as it is said to be a little flattening/natural in shape, and I am a fan of the bigger the better in terms of shape), but for no particular reason decided against it.

That was then. When I found out that the collection was on Asos ( my mind was blown. I swear, collectively, the Tutti Rouge stuff is just so gorgeous. With sizes 28-38DD-HH, they have a really large size range, and S-XL in knickers. I would prefer XS and XXS in knickers, just because you have DD+ knockers, doesn't always mean you have hips, such as in my hipless case, but perhaps they could work for me anyway in an S. Because yes, the knickers are so cute you just have to buy them. Skip to the bottom for pictures

Bras range from $43 to $53, and panties, thongs and suspenders from $15 to $29. The prices seem quite reasonable especially to a younger target audience such as myself. Shipping n Asos is $20 to the 'rest of the world', including Australia, where I live, which is steep, plus $3 for every extra item. Of course, this is comparable with Ewa Michalak, and a lot of things cost way to much to ship to this corner of the earth. Tutti Rouge is also available at for only $13 dollars postage. Celebrar also has free UK postage ATM, but Celebrar doesn't carry all of the Tutti Rouge range, and none of the suspender belts, not that I would but suspender belts, not wearing stockings, but anyway,  points to consider.

Here is the Tutti Rouge stuff that I want. Especially seeing as it is my B'Day this moth, I might get them :)

I love the Franky set, especially because of the french knickers. It comes in this shade, and also Mint Green.

How cute is the Lottie set? The bras construction looks a little like the Betty.

This Birds of feather bra is nice, but why is the model n the wrong size?

How adorable is the Franky thong? Totally impractical, I mean, side ties? But I love it just the same

The betty set