Sunday, 28 July 2013

Zia Spot by Cleo

I promised a review, and here it is. I ordered this one (not the panties) along with my nude Juna from Bravissimo a few weeks ago. It was so difficult to choose between all the purdy bras, and if I would have been a little less impatient, I could have waited until midyear sales and gotten more bras for the same price. As it was, I chose the Zia spot in 28F on the basis of 3 factors. 1, it was under 30 pounds. 2, it was my favourite colour, purple, and 3, I wanted to get a brand I had never tried before.

The colour is really nice in person, vibrant and fun, exactly how it looks in the picture. You get what you see, which is great. There is also a tiny charm on the gore. It is hardly noticeably,and you don't feel, see or hear a thing. I apologize for the lighting, the colours are being distorted by it!

In terms of fit, I pulled the thing out of the box...And held it up in dismay. The band looked too tight even for Kate Moss! Indeed, the first time I wore it, I felt chocked, the second I used an extender, the third it was tight...and after that it felt fine. It just needed a little stretching. First judgments girl, watch out!

Invariably,  the stretched-into-proper-shape band had problems too. Like most bras I have tried in 28, the band was too high on my back,  because my breasts are high, pulling the bra up higher, which feels a little irritating. Upon measuring, the stretched band was 29.2 inches, which is a tiny bit big for a 28 band, and certainy for my 27" ribcage.  The gore was fine, and the wings dug in a little at my armpits, but ^high boobs thing. Also, the lace on the cup, where it attachs to the actual cup itself,wrinkles slightly, which you can see a little in the photo. Fortunately, Boosaurus ( has a tutorial n how to rectify this.

Shapewise, it was a tiny bit minimising, ie not the most projected (perhaps due to wrong size). The cup was VERY snug fitting, and cuts in a little. I am not gong to fault the bra for this. 1, its barely noticeable. 2, my breasts are full on top anyway, and 3, I am not 100% sure if a 28FF wouldn't have fitted better, so perhaps I am simply in a too small size. I also got the feeling that, in softer and more 'natural' shaped boobs, a slightly more natural shape is probably what the bra would have given.

All in all, I am not displeased wit the bra. Certainly, it is not perfect in some respects, but who gives? Its comfortable, well made, well priced and pretty!

Here are some lovely and artistic photos illustrating the fit and shape:

Monday, 22 July 2013

I want a nose ring!

I want  a nose ring!
Well, at least I have demonstrated my inability to begin a post in a sensible fashion. Specifically, its not exactly the RING I want, because I am obsessed with a pierced nose look. I just feel like changing my look a little. Nose Rings can change a look so much. They can appear hardcore and 90s punk, feminine and dainty, exotic, or make your face look all insolent and pouty. A couple of months ago, I was veritably OBSESSED with the idea. I mean, it was infatuation. Never trust infatuation, it just ends in heartbreak. Wise cookie that I am, I made myself wait until my birthday. With said birthday coming up next month, I think that my infatuation has cooled off, leaving a small crush. Crushes you can trust.

Yes, there is a chance that I will take it out soon after, wasting money. I got my ears double pierced a few years ago, but removed the piercings, firstly, because I forgot what a pain newly pierced ears where to sleep on. Also, I felt like a 'stereotypical teenager', all rebel without a cause, when in reality I was boring and well behaved. I still am. But this time, I can do a nose piercing and separate it from any statement, a piercing simply for aesthetic and for ME. Below is my ear. I shall take this opportunity to comment on how shapely and well formed it is.

I also think that it wold really highlight my Indian/Middle Eastern background. I mean, Princess Jasmine, come on :)

On the subject of piercings, a friend wore, on one ear, in her primary ear-piercing a gorgeous belly-button ring, and on the other ear and in the two holes above her first ear piercings, on both sides, she had studs. I have no photo, but it looked really good, because the bell button ring looked like an ordinary stud but then from the BACK of her ear dangled the pendant! All I am concerned about is that the gauge of a belly-button ring would be too thick for my ear-holes.

How cute are these?
So tiny star and crescent moon stud earrings in sterling silver - nose studs

18k traditional design gold nose stud nosepin rajasthan india

Sapphire Flower Nose Stud - Customize

Xoxoxo Princess (Jasmine)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cleo Foray and Ewa Michalak lust list

After my little annoyance at my boobs (why you change sizes yet AGAIN?) I got over myself and went online to get new bras in my guesstimate size 28F. Assuming that I am still growing, not knowing my correct size for SURE and being kind of broke (I should stop harping on about that. Maybe just a savvy consumer. Environmentally conscious minimalist shopper. Whatever) I ordered two bras from Bravissimo, the Zia and the Juna, both by Cleo.

I think they are both going to work ok, but neither gave me an Ahhhhh moment. To be honest, the couple of Freya bras I own or have tried on have been more comfortable, just due to the fact that the bands are a little looser, making the gores more comfortable (less digging). This is making me reconsider the necessity for 28 bands for my 27 inch torso, I mean, comfort-wise band 30s are less gore-problematic, but still annoy me due to their shifting bands, and the fact that the cup is sometimes distorted over my too small frame. Also, Freya gores do not seem to come up as high. There are no boobs on my sternum, wire go away! You hurt my boniness!

What was right with the Juna:
The colour was just fine, too pink toned to be any kind of realistic nude, and too pale for me, but that shade could well suit some people, and it was still skin-coloured. The lace at the top of the cups was cute, it was well formed. It contained all my flesh (ughh, what a horrible word!), the wires and cups sitting just so.

But the bad:
Let me note that most of this stuff diminished with wear. It was noticeable the first day I wore it, and has been decreasing, with the exception of the shape the bra gives me. After a few washes and wears the bra should be fine. Ok. First off, the gore. WHY S HIGH??? At least in the 28  bands, for us with bony rib cages, make it lower! I could feel it as I breathed, or folded forward, but now he feeling is much less acute. Also, the seam between the top of the cup and the elastic is somewhat visible under clothing,but whatever, I really couldn't care. I wear a bra. You see the seams and are aware of the fact. BOOM. The tag was also a tiny bit itchy, but I will rip it out, so no biggie. The band felt fine, but angled up just a little, ie was not flush with the ground, which is a little odd. Other than that I can't fault the bra. Its a good everyday bra, which is what I wanted and got.

Construction, the half cup style did NOT work for my top heavy breasts. There is too much flesh above the top of the cups, without cleavage, just subtly there under my collar bones, and a little bulging, or disturbance of the nice, clean shape, above the rim of the cup. As I mentioned, the gore was too tall, and thus irksome. Perhaps I could have gone up a cup size. Coupled with the fit of he Zia I think I am a large 28F, small 28FF. Size established, I now want to buy ALL this stuff from Ewa Michalak!

S Satine
The Satine. It is an S style with a tighter band, and looks good for everyday.\

PL Onyks
The Onyx (PL) with matching panties, which are basic and black with cute detail. I just want a basic, well constructed Ewa bra.

SM Burek
Dammit,so cute WANTIT this Burek bra, but it starts at a 30F, and I may be sized out.

HP Rokoko
The Rokoko is gorgeous, and the matching panties have ruffles on the butt, but the set is REALLY expensive.

3D Lolitka
This 3D Lolitka bra, or the S bra n the same material. Unfortunately, they are both sold out in anything that could be my size.
I emailed the brand to ask about sizing, and reminded myself that I should really review my current EM set.

Back to the Juna. Shapewise, the look was projected, but not extremely so. It was not circular and blob like, like t-shirt bras, but a bit natural. The shape was fine. And there you have it!

I will be reviewing the second bra I got, the Zia, wen I can be bothered.

Xoxoxo, Princess

Monday, 8 July 2013

The Forest of my Legs

I went out late last week to the opera. It's midwinter in Sydney, which means super-variable weather, anything from shorts to huge puffy parkas. I decided that I would be classy and wear stockings, my What Katie Did retro seamed tights,15 denier

I would post a photo of them on my legs, but mine are a little ripped up, and not so glam anymore as on the model. Anyway. 15 denier stockings do NOT look good wit hairy legs. Let it be known that I do not usually de-hair-ify my legs. I have waxed them once, epilated twice and shaved only enough times to count on one hand. I really just have an attitude of pacifism to leg hair. Its expensive to keep getting waxes, or buying razors. It hurts a little. It always grows back, looking super shitty in the process, and believe it or not, like cats whiskers, furry legs actually add sensation. Also, it hides all my dry, winter skin.

But tights. I took to a razor to de-hair-ify. Oh joy I had bought MAN FACE RAZORS. Those things are meant for a mm of stubble, not leg hair. It had to be unclogged every two strokes. I cut myself and it hurt quite a bit for a few days afterward,and my god it was a hassle to keep dabbing at my bleeding legs with a tissue. I missed a patch in m deforestation efforts. BUT my legs where smooth and shiny, like a Tour De France cyclist my leg muscles popped (well, ok, that was the running).

And all for vain, because it was hot after all and I took off my tights! Dammit Dammit Dammit!

I have been re-shaving them to maintain it, and the razor has been able to cope, thankfully. But I won't keep it up much longer. Because its annoying, mainstream ad kind of pointless.

Moral of the story: MY LEGS HATE BEING SHAVED.

What do you all think of the dramatization of people not shaving their legs, like Emer O  Toole?

I really do not get why if or if not one shaves their legs is such a huge deal. What do you guys think?

Xoxoxo and sorry the posts have (post shave?) been far and few between,