Monday, 8 July 2013

The Forest of my Legs

I went out late last week to the opera. It's midwinter in Sydney, which means super-variable weather, anything from shorts to huge puffy parkas. I decided that I would be classy and wear stockings, my What Katie Did retro seamed tights,15 denier

I would post a photo of them on my legs, but mine are a little ripped up, and not so glam anymore as on the model. Anyway. 15 denier stockings do NOT look good wit hairy legs. Let it be known that I do not usually de-hair-ify my legs. I have waxed them once, epilated twice and shaved only enough times to count on one hand. I really just have an attitude of pacifism to leg hair. Its expensive to keep getting waxes, or buying razors. It hurts a little. It always grows back, looking super shitty in the process, and believe it or not, like cats whiskers, furry legs actually add sensation. Also, it hides all my dry, winter skin.

But tights. I took to a razor to de-hair-ify. Oh joy I had bought MAN FACE RAZORS. Those things are meant for a mm of stubble, not leg hair. It had to be unclogged every two strokes. I cut myself and it hurt quite a bit for a few days afterward,and my god it was a hassle to keep dabbing at my bleeding legs with a tissue. I missed a patch in m deforestation efforts. BUT my legs where smooth and shiny, like a Tour De France cyclist my leg muscles popped (well, ok, that was the running).

And all for vain, because it was hot after all and I took off my tights! Dammit Dammit Dammit!

I have been re-shaving them to maintain it, and the razor has been able to cope, thankfully. But I won't keep it up much longer. Because its annoying, mainstream ad kind of pointless.

Moral of the story: MY LEGS HATE BEING SHAVED.

What do you all think of the dramatization of people not shaving their legs, like Emer O  Toole?

I really do not get why if or if not one shaves their legs is such a huge deal. What do you guys think?

Xoxoxo and sorry the posts have (post shave?) been far and few between,


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