Saturday, 10 August 2013

DD Atelier Amazonia Dress Review

Even though I am not 'the girl with big boobs', and seem to appear within a standard deviation of normal clothing sizes, I frequently find that size 6-8 dresses and tops, which fit my legs and waist and torso either distort unflattering over m bust, flatten me, or are very had to do up. After finding out about DD Atelier ( on other blogs I went to check it out. A pretty, well made brand for those with bigger boobs but average waists. Tick!

I would say that I wholly approve of their manifesto: "Slim and curvy girls are beautiful. All they need are good fitting, fashionable clothes to accentuate their curves in all the right places." Indeed, hear hear! I am more of a fan f the classic, slightly vintage-y look, rather than this look, courtesy Tumblr. No, I don't hate it, or look bad in it, its just not my thing.

Anyway, the Amazonia dress from DD Atelier. Thank the Sweet Lord it was on sale, because DAMN it was still expensive. I ordered it, along with a plain grey shrug, which was nice and basic, to make sleeveless dresses a little more acceptable for my community. Here is the dress on the site's model:

From the side:

And the collar detailing:

The good? PLENTY of room in the bust area, in a size 70D. Maybe  little to roomy. But what would I know. I mean, a dress cut lower than my collar bones without any cleavage? When I got the dress out of the packet post-haste and put it on I was flabbergasted by how...big the bust seemed. From the front its a tiny bit roomy, but from the side its perfect, so I would say the dress runs a little big. The only weird thing about the dress were the armholes and sleeves. Why so tight?? Its a little hard to raise my arms or wave frantically at someone.

The waist is hitting under my boobs, on my rib cage, instead of my natural waist, like the model is demonstrating. I think this is pushing up some extra material into the bust area. Of course, this is no problem, it just looks different to the way the model is wearing the dress. The cause of this is probably my height and thus longer-than-average torso, as I am almost 5"9. Perhaps a longer torso would have helped. Had the waist been siting at my true waist, I cold have sized down to a 65F, but as  it was a 70D was the smallest size available, and works just fine!

I must admit that I am a horrible review, I nitpick way too much. Overall the dress is lovely, flattering and just a great item of clothing. My Grandma ad Great Grandparents complimented it, so that is a bonus, right? Below are pictures of the detailing and me in the dress. Oh the zip at the back is a little funny, it stops just under the collar, so you sort of have to wriggle out of the dress.

 The Sleeves
The Collar. Sorry about the blurriness

Xoxoxoxoxo, Princess

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