Saturday, 3 August 2013

Tutti Rouge AW 13

My reaction when I found out that the Tutti Rouge Autumn/Winter 2013 collection was available online in its entirety: "Eeeep!"
Yes, I actually gasped and said 'Eep!' in a way that I though only fictional characters where capable of. I know that as far as a proactive bra blogger goes, any post on Tutti Rouge is a little late, given that they began their publicity campaigns months ago and the Lilliana and Betty have been available on Bravissimo ( for ages.
I vaguely toyed with getting the Betty set when I got my Cleo bras from Bravissimo (not the Lilliana, as it is said to be a little flattening/natural in shape, and I am a fan of the bigger the better in terms of shape), but for no particular reason decided against it.

That was then. When I found out that the collection was on Asos ( my mind was blown. I swear, collectively, the Tutti Rouge stuff is just so gorgeous. With sizes 28-38DD-HH, they have a really large size range, and S-XL in knickers. I would prefer XS and XXS in knickers, just because you have DD+ knockers, doesn't always mean you have hips, such as in my hipless case, but perhaps they could work for me anyway in an S. Because yes, the knickers are so cute you just have to buy them. Skip to the bottom for pictures

Bras range from $43 to $53, and panties, thongs and suspenders from $15 to $29. The prices seem quite reasonable especially to a younger target audience such as myself. Shipping n Asos is $20 to the 'rest of the world', including Australia, where I live, which is steep, plus $3 for every extra item. Of course, this is comparable with Ewa Michalak, and a lot of things cost way to much to ship to this corner of the earth. Tutti Rouge is also available at for only $13 dollars postage. Celebrar also has free UK postage ATM, but Celebrar doesn't carry all of the Tutti Rouge range, and none of the suspender belts, not that I would but suspender belts, not wearing stockings, but anyway,  points to consider.

Here is the Tutti Rouge stuff that I want. Especially seeing as it is my B'Day this moth, I might get them :)

I love the Franky set, especially because of the french knickers. It comes in this shade, and also Mint Green.

How cute is the Lottie set? The bras construction looks a little like the Betty.

This Birds of feather bra is nice, but why is the model n the wrong size?

How adorable is the Franky thong? Totally impractical, I mean, side ties? But I love it just the same

The betty set

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