Tuesday, 13 August 2013

City to Surf

Sunday was the annual City To Surf. Its been running (puns. Hah hah hah) since the 70s (precisely, for 43 years) and is the largest running event in the world. It is 14 km, from the CBD, for a few easy km, until 'heartbreak hill', a horrid, steep hill 2 km long From there its another 5 km downhill and flat to the famed Bondi beach. But alas, it doesn't finish there.With the finish line in sight, you have to continue for another km and then double back.

No, I didn't do it this year. I have done it twice before. To be fair, though the giant group mentality is fun,and the atmosphere is crazy, with crowds cheering you on, and bands, and so many volunteers. My dad's work also has a tent with catering and massages for afterwards. Huge bonus! I guess I didn't really have my heart set on it this year. I am just so stressed, what with studying and all these assignments due ALL THE FREAKING TIME. My reputation of a 100% student is suffocating, and though I am really trying to try less hard (is that a thing?), the increased work load certainly takes its tole, especially when combined with all my other pursuits. So in the spirit of less stress, I didn't run.

Why don't I watch, thought I in my folly. So I we up super early to watch, went for a track session before-hand (albeit a not-so-fast one, I don't really push myself when running alone), and got to the finish line at 7.20 am...an hour and 20 minutes before the winners were even due. Damn. After watching the runners for 20 minutes, it took me an hour to leave the place and get home (its usually a 20 minute walk).

Sleep deprived and annoyed at the epic consumption of time are two factors that come to mind. Plan you exit strategies better, City to Surf people! But apart from that, I should not complain AT ALL. In fact, I am super glad that I went. I mean, how often do you have a word class race wit professional runners ending almost on your doorstep?

This years run was won by wheelchair competitor Kurt Fearley. The first male runner across the line was Ben Moreau in 41.47 minutes, with race favourite Liam Adams coming second. The first female was Linda Spencer in 48.28 minutes, and second Milly Clark. In the front runners pack (the pros) was a superman, which was pretty entertaining! Near the front pack,or finishing sub 60 were a couple of tens, or young 20s, which I thought was absolutely amazing!

Here are some race photos, and a link to the gallery http://www.westernadvocate.com.au/story/1697218/gallery-city2surf/?cs=118:


And Superman!


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