Monday, 17 June 2013

Evollove Birdsong and matching thong

The Birdsong:
This is a balconette bra by Evollove a full bust company from Australia. Insofar as full bust goes, they have a surprisingly narrow size range. Back sizes begin at a loose 30, and continue to 36, while cup sizes begin at D and end at G, skipping FF, so really it runs only from D to FF. In both Myer and David Jones, the two main department stores in my city, only a few styles are stocked in size 30, and D cups are not stocked.

So saying, I was shopping with friends, and really, really wanted a bra (I was intoxicated by all that lace). Not withstanding that there are hardly any size 30 bras in Myer or David Jones, and absolutely no 28s, I was delighted when I found this baby:

Being broke like I am, I only bought the bra (this was probably late last year). In terms of fit, the cups run true to size. I sometimes don't fill them out completely (in 30 bands I wear a DD-E), and there is gaping at the top of the cup, near my armpit. This isn't very noticeable, and in any case, I like the projection that the E gives me, and also that the wires do not lie on breast tissue, as many other (ill fitting) bras of mine do.
Man, this bra makes me look huuuuuge.

In terms of the band, unstretched it is 26 inches, and stretched it measures 31". I get a look sort of like the model, even on the tightest hook, and cannot wear the bra with low-backed dresses (it rides up). Regardless, because I have very firm breasts, which are not too heavy, I don't get sagging, or discomfort, its more of an aesthetic thing.

In the photos, you can see how big the band is, proportionally, it has a looong band. I am sorry, the second photo does not do the colour or pattern justice. The third photo shows the lace detailing on the top of the cups. So cute!
Aesthetically, the bird print is gorgeous, and the blue is whimsical. Sometimes it can look a little washed out on my skin tone. The birds also show through sheerer fabrics, whereas a solid colour wold not. The seam in the middle of the cup also sometimes shows through tight, thin tops.

So saying, this bra is the most comfortable I own, is not too expensive, and looks great. It is like an old friend. This is the bra on! On days where I am a little bigger (before my period), I get a subtle hint of cleavage.

When I saw the matching thong on sale last week, for $15 (can't remember how much the bra was), I bought it. It is made of the same pattern as the bra, though the fabric is sheerer and slinkier. There is lace around the legs, and a cotton gusset. There is also a bow. The bra had this bow on it's gore as well, but I cruelly ripped it off (I hate bows on bras. It is so twee! Bows on knickers are fine, for some reason).

Unfortunately, I found them to be quite uncomfortable, but I guess that is because it is a tho, after all. I really just wanted to complete the set, and to look pretty on he inside (awww) when necessary.

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