Thursday, 13 June 2013

Introducing Princess

Hey everyone,
I have been wanting to start a bra blog for ages, doing articles and some reviews (but not too many, as I am a broke student that cannot do that much bra-buying). Where to begin?
I am a student who lives in a seaside suburb in Australia, I like reading, art, running, cross country and athletics, yoga, piano, Daria, and of course under...things...
My obsession began after I was fitted into my almost size of 32D. I then went to a large cup boutique and was exposed to Fantasie, Curvy Kate, Freya (oh lordy me, and so much more). Coming off the back of $20 ill-fitting bras, I bought nothing. D+ Aussies have to shell out $90 for a bra? But my love of all things underwear was fostered.

My 'stats', for reference, are:
-34-35 inch overbust, standing
-35-36 inch overbust, leaning
-27 inch underbust
-26 inch underbust break-the-band
-25 inch waist
-34 inch hips
I am 28F or 28FF I think, but due to me living in a bra-store and funds hole of doom, I own and wear mainly 30Es (I know, I know, they do not fit!), though
in some bras that run a little big I would like to try a 26G, should it exist.

So why a bra blog? Well, I fit into a size and demographic niche that not many blogs cater for. I am technically a 'full cup' size, though by letter alone, so I have to shop more expensive, less common brands, yet still do not get giant knockers. I am also a 'small band', according to Australian brands, which only go down to a 32. Hmmm. Also, why not share my knowledge and thoughts on the industry and the bras out there?

For privacy reasons, I won't be posting pictures  of my face. I hope you understand. And I know, It looks kind of weird, but there you are. Ditto my alias, which is the reason that I am going under my nickname Maybe when I get more comfortable...



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