Monday, 17 June 2013

Panache sport

Panache Sport review:

Hi all,
I have a couple of articles in mind, but I am super busy with exams and an artwork I am trying to complete by TOMORROW. Hence I write this from the lovely location of my kitchen table, whilst eating.
I am quite into running, and so obviously a good sports bra is a must. Health implications aside, going without a good sports bra would hurt, and be a little indecent. Coming of the back of a size ten compression bra (hello uniboob), I was so impressed that I bought  the Panache in black and then a few weeks later in red.

The black one is a size 30E, and given that this allegedly  runs a little big in the cups, It fits very well. The band stretches to 29", and  I have worn it quite a lot. This is OK, as I have a bony rib-cage, and so the size down would have felt constricting. In any case, the band does not ride up my back, and stays put.
It also gives me a really great shape, projected, with a hint of cakes-on-a-plate cleavage, despite being a sports-bra, and works it's non-bounce magic even on smaller boobs, not withstanding that it was made for much heftier engineering.

What do I not like about the bra? The straps are either a tad too long worn normally at the tightest setting, or hurt my neck and shoulders at their loosest clipped  the racer-back feature. The wires also sometimes irritate my sternum and rib-cage, but I think this is the hazard of having a bony rib-cage and running wearing a tight, wired item, however well-padded the wires are.
Sometimes I get gaping at the top of the cup as my size fluctuates and becomes lower, and, aesthetically, this could be fixed by going down a cup size. It still gives the same support, so I don't particularly care.
It is interesting for me to note that the top hook of the first set of hooks on the black bra, which I have ad longer, is pulled out quite a lot further than the bottom two hooks, which indicates the inverted triangular shape of my rib-cage.
Sometimes, after prolonged wear, I can 'feel' the bra, but I have yet to find a perfect bra that this is not an issue with.

Below are some photos of me in the red bra, showing you how nice the shape is. Sometimes I even wear this bra under normal clothes. Of course, the op must not have itty-bitty straps or a low neckline, but hey-ho.

Being so impressed with the no-bounce nature of the black Panache sport, the shape and the comfort, I went  and bought the same bra in red, without trying it on. Sure it will fit, its the same thing! WRONG! If the black one was a very tight 30 band, the red one ran a full size bigger! It stretched to 31" (being a size 30 band). Perhaps this sizing inconsistency was due to the black one shrinking when it was dyed. Perhaps they have slight construction differences. I don't know. There is no puling on any of the hooks on this bra, and sometimes it slips around a little, leading me to think I should have gotten it in a 28F.
The red one also has longer straps, which I can comfortably do up in  racer back, giving me more support than the red one, and eliminating ALL bounce save for the little bit of flesh that is present over the top (that sexy hint of sport cleavage).

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